A soldier lost in reality, a woman fighting for her love, and an expedition trying to survive at the edges of the universe.

Spanning three centuries and three different lives, Philip Charles Stephens’ Reality Seed trilogy presents a new perspective of the universe and asks the ultimate question of where the foundation of our world lies. From the technological future presented in Glýphein, to the dark horror of The Closed Gate, and concluding with the multi-dimensional adventure of Infinitesimus. Reality Seed tears away the comforting certainty of our physical world and shines a light on the underlying substance of it all.

The Reality Seed Compendium
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Infinitesimus. The mind-blowing conclusion to the Reality Seed Trilogy, will be available in January 2015. Step into your Nano-tank if you can’t wait that long!

Exo-Tech Arelis Flim is travelling to the Wylde Dimension aboard the TTS Vector. Her mission: parlay with the Dimension’s inhabitants so that a deal between the two Realities can be concluded. But what is the secret cargo on board, and why is the command crew so nervous? With an incomprehensible evil following them across the universe, a project a hundred years in the making is about to begin — a project which will change the shape of humanity forever.


It is the year 2613. A scientific vessel at the edge of the solar-system has discovered a derelict ship — ancient, alien, and containing a secret so dangerous the entire sector has been quarantined. Interlocutor Lexi Sonota has arrived to investigate after fifteen months in stasis, but with her wife dying from a rogue nano-virus back on Terra, and her superior withholding something from her, all her strength and experience may not be enough to keep her alive. Alone and billions of miles from home, Lexi will discover the universe is far bigger than she ever imagined and infinitely more terrifying.


Ex-soldier, Sergeant Skedic Vom of the infamous Northern Wolf Brigade, is trying to move on. It’s been two years since his unit was wiped out during a weapons test gone wrong in Cameroon. His memory is sketchy at best, but he does know the episode ended with him killing his unit’s betrayer, their superior and his lover, Bilkissou Dimka. And then he’s told she’s alive.

Skedic must follow a path stretching back through his past and into the recesses of his mind in order to discover the real truth about what happened in Africa. The only certainty he can rely on is that nothing is real anymore.