I am an author and ghost-writer based in New Mexico but originally from Mersea Island, England. I’m a huge fan of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, counting Philip K Dick, Iain M Banks, Stephen King, Lovecraft and Tolkien amongst my influences, but I’m a lover of literature in general. When I’m not writing, I spend a lot of time with my beautiful wife and children, and enjoy watching football and playing the occasional computer game. I’m also a qualified scuba diver and love to explore the natural world, whether underwater or high in the mountains of New Mexico.

As a writer, I’m primarily interested in the tension between the rational, defined universe of our modern age and the mysterious, unknowable dimensions of thought. Before religion and philosophy, humanity understood the world through stories told around the fire, and I believe strongly in fiction as a lens through which the world can be revealed to us in different ways. From The Lord of the Rings to Star Wars, from Beowulf to Neuromancer, and from Mozart to Massive Attack, a new technological understanding permeates our reality, conveying great power but at a cost, and it is this that drives my writing. Dark metal, decaying ecosystems, and cybernetic consciousness. A brave new world or an ancient Hell — you decide.

Writing Background

I received my Bachelor’s degree in English-Philosophy with Departmental Honours in Creative Writing at the University of New Mexico, and then began working as a ghost-writer. I’ve completed several novels for clients, a number of which have been published, and I’ve written a trilogy of novellas collected under the name ‘Reality Seed’. I’ve had a short story, Vondelpark, published in the literary journal, Conceptions Southwest, and a selection of poetry published in Leonardo Magazine. I’m now completing my first novel, Captain Wizzlebeaks, and I have two volumes of puns in the works.