Welcome to PhilipCharles.com!

Hello and welcome to my website! I am an author and ghostwriter whose primary interest is in science fiction, whether literary or film. I love the ideas and possibilities posed by the genre and how they relate to our modern world — a society poised on a knife edge, building incredible systems and devices that improve our lives, even as these same inventions threaten to undermine everything that brought us to this point. It is this tension between the so-called natural world and the technologized future that drives my writing, and with this in mind, I began the Reality Seed series — a trilogy of novellas, each dealing with consciousness and the technological reality, veiled in dark, action-packed adventure. The first two parts, Glýphein and The Closed Gate, are currently available on Amazon for e-readers, and the third part, Infinitesimus will be out in January. I will then be releasing all three as a compendium on paperback, with the first novel in my new series coming later in 2015. In the meantime, I’ll be blogging on a variety of subjects relating to sci-fi and fantasy, so I encourage anyone with an interest in robots, AI, witches, and gremlins etc. to visit my website and sign up for my newsletter. There will be information about current and upcoming works, deals, and musings on science fiction and fantasy in general, as well as artwork from a gallery that will be added to my website soon. I look forward to sharing my work and hearing your thoughts!